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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
British Council
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Macular Society

Current funding 
 EPSRC Symbiotic Intrabody Networks for Bioelectronic Therapeutics (EP/W004747/1)

(2014–2022) IAA - MicroBritt Tech transfer

(2020–2022) MRC-KHIDI - UK Korea partnering award

(2014–2022) EPSRC/Wellcome Trust – CANDO: Controlling Abnormal Network Dynamics with optogenetics (102037/Z/13/Z) (NS/A000026/1) (

Prior Research grants

(2021–2021)Wellcome WTTP: Ultrasonic implants 

(2019–2020) IAA - Hybrid Micromachining of Brittle Materials
(2016-2018) British Council Newton Fund - Haptic Vision - Braille for the 21st Century
(2013-2015) Newcastle BMRC - Augmented vision trials for the blind
(2013-2015) Macular Disease Society - Augmented vision trials for the blind
(2010-2014) European commission FP7 - OptoNeuro (216344044) 
(2013-2013) EPSRC Equipment award 
(2012-2013) eFuture XD - Optogenetic neuroprosthetics
(2012-2013) EPSRC - Nanotechnology Sandpit 
(2011-2012) IAA - OptoNeuro Tech transfer 
(2011-2011) Human Plus award 
(2010-2011) Foundation Thierri Latran - optogenetic MND prosthesis
(2008-2011) The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council - Optimizing the biophysics of photosensitization  (F021127) 
(2008-2011) The Engineering and Physical Research Council (EP/F029241/1) 
(2006-2007) Royal Society Research fund - Augmented vision for the blind
(2005-2008) University of London Central Research Fund (AR/CRF/B) 
(2005-2007) Advance Nanotech - Nanoparticle optobionic retinal prosthesis

PhD scholarships, fellowships and visiting academic funding

(2022-2026) Iraq Government scholarship - Emad Abdo

(2021-2025) Newcastle University - Jacopo Franco

(2021-2025) Newcastle University - Adam Chapman

(2016-2020) Newcastle University NUORS - Violet Rasool

(2013-2015) European commission – Erasmus Mundus student exchange - Ahmed Soltan
(2012-2015) China CSC – Hubin Zhao 
(2012-2015) Jordan University – Musa Al Yaman 
(2012-2015) Iraqi Government – Nabeel Fattah 

(2009-2010) The RSE/BBSRC for funding Dr Grossman's Enterprize fellowship 
(2007-2010) Thai Government – Tassanai Parritokoporn 

(2007-2010) Egyptian Government – Walid Al Atabany

(2005-2010) RCUK for funding Dr Degenaar's RCUK Academic Fellowship (EP/E500641/1) 
(1997-2001) Monbugakusho for funding Dr Degenaar's PhD studies in Japan

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Welcome Trust
Seventh Framework Programm
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